The idea for Rathman & Co® took shape after owners Brody & Bethany Rathman adopted their 8 month-old labradoodles, Gracie & Pyper, in 2015.The couple quickly realized that they could not leave their canine companions  in the house all day while at work. After destroyed drywall, chewed shoes, and frayed rugs, it was evident that they could also not leave them inside unattended all day, either.

With an eye for detail and design, Bethany had come to loathe the common, ugly wire kennels they had succumbed to using for Pyper and Gracie. They were too bulky, too dirty, an eye sore seemingly never meant for the inside of a home. After failing to find a more functional and attractive option, Brody and Bethany decided to create one for themselves.

Brody crafted the prototype and the two were shocked when their friends and community began asking if they took orders. Who knew there would be such a demand for well-made pet homes? The Rathmans refined their design and the official Doggie Den® was born. In years since, Brody & Bethany have added to their line of inventive products, overjoyed with the opportunity to enhance the feeling of home and heart for pet lovers everywhere.

Rathman & Co. | Owners Bethany and Brody Rathman Rathman & Co. | Owners Bethany and Brody Rathman with dogs Gracie and Pyper